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Mex-Mex offers a different daily menu of what we like to call Traditional Home Cooking.  


The menu consists of 3 courses (starter, main course and dessert) depending on the availability/season of the products, always cooking fresh but yet traditional mexican food for our customers.


Our lunch is served from Monday to Friday from 11-15 pm. 

-Lentils soup (G,L)

-chicken Enchiladas verdes (gal)

-caramel pudding (gel)

-vegetables soup(G.L)

-pork "al pastor" quesadillas" (,l)

-vanilja ice cream (G,l)

-carrot soup (g,L)

-chile con carne burritos(, L)

-passion fruit pannacotta(L,G)



-zuccini soup(L,G)

-quesadillas with chipotle sauce 



-brown beans soup(l)

- enchiladas and morita sauce

-caramel pudding

**daily menus can change depending on the availability of products.

**everyday vegetarian options available